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Wool Winder Yarn Tension Wax Wax Stand Set for Hand or Knitting Machine Yarn Ball Winding

Wool Winder Yarn Tension Wax Wax Stand Set for Hand or Knitting Machine Yarn Ball Winding

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Goods Description


All New Wool Winder + Yarn Tension + Wax +  Wax Stand Assembly for Hand & Knitting Machine Yarn Ball Winding.

Newly made by the manufacturer,superior quality   !

The specially designed  Wool Winder  is a very good hand-operated tool for machine knitting and hand crochet .This Wool Winder can wind skeins of yarn,wool,fiber,string or thread into balls.With a Wool Winder, you'll avoid tangled yarn and frustration. This knitting and yarn accessory is a "must have" to take the chore out of winding balls of yarn. The Wool Winder can easily attach to a table or metal stand and make a "center pull" ball of yarn. Just keep turning the handle and holding the yarn as it glides through the feeder/tension.
The weight of the Yarn Ball is 50~120g.

Most of yarn tension unit of knitting machine does not consist the wax stand.Only Brother has a tiny one (diameter 22mm) at single side which cannot add too much wax on the yarn.This item has a bigger Yarn Wax Stand which can hold a large wax (diameter 20mm-70mm) for knitters to wax yarn in making yarn ball by yarn winders. A small bit of wax transferred to the yarn helps to protect your machine and needles and make the knitting easier.Just a wax touch on the yarn , you will feel the carriage moving much smoother. It is especially good when you are knitting with heavy yarn or on a bulky machine.

The Yarn Tension Unit ( Yarn Clamp ) on it helps to adjust the tightness of the yarn.

The Yarn Winder or Wool Winder  Assembly fits Creative/Artisan/Brother/KnitKing/Silver Reed/Singer/Studio/Knitmaster/Empisal/Toyota/Passap Knitting Machine and All Other Knitting Machines and Hand Knitting.

The price is for One set.

It includes:

Wool Winder  ,
Fixed Yarn Holder,
Rotary Arm,
Table Clamp to fix to the Table or Metal Stand.

It also includes:

Yarn Wax Stand & Tension Unit Assembly
and One Bigger Wax (40mm x 44mm).

The Umbrella Skein Holder is optional  ( not included ).

Newly made us - 20 years  manufacturer ( creativecounter factory shop ) ,superior quality!
Special reinforced packing & can be sent to anywhere safely .
Shipping by Express Mail & Airmail  (=Expedited Shipping Service)!
Take about 12~16 days to be delivered to most countries/areas.

24 H Service Call/Email/Message!
Remote Technical Support & Professional After Service Engineers!
Knitting Machine & Parts Factory Shop - creativecounter.
Many Creative knitting machines & parts were sold
to America,Europe, Australia etc. before  .

Special reinforced packing will be adopted for the electrified,magnetic,oil,liquid,
paste,sharp,fragile,overlength or overweight item to assure sending to anywhere safely.
For inquiry more than listed,please contact us directly.
If any problem occurs, please also contact us first (24 H Service) before open case
which effects the seller's account.We shall do our best to have it solved in time satisfactorily.
Please email us if need big files like video,manual book,pdf indications etc.

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