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End Stitch Supporter for Brother Ribber KR260 KH260 270 KH230 SK150 SK155 SK890

End Stitch Supporter for Brother Ribber KR260 KH260 270 KH230 SK150 SK155 SK890


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All New End Stitch Supporter for Brother Ribber KR260 KR230,KH260 270 KH230 KH390 & SK100 SK150 SK151 SK155 SK890.

The newly made End Stitch Supporter will fit KR260 KR230 Brother KnitKing 9mm Bulky Gauge Knitting Machine Ribbing Attachment  and Silver Reed Studio Ribber Knitting Machine SR150 SR155.
The End Stitch Supporter can also be used with 9mm bulky main bed knitting machine incl.Brother KnitKing KH230 KH260 KH270 Plastic Bed KH370 KH390 and Silver Reed Studio SK150 SK151 SK155 SK890 Plastic Bed LK100 to help the end needles on the main bed knit off the hook.
It also fits our Artisan Creative KR260 KR230 Ribber,KH260 KH230.

End Stitch Supporter KR260 Part No. is 413724001.

The Price is for One pair.

Newly made us - 20 years  manufacturer ( creativecounter factory shop ) ,superior quality!
Special reinforced packing & can be sent to anywhere safely .
Shipping by Express Mail & Airmail  (=Expedited Shipping Service)!
Take about 12~16 days to be delivered to most countries/areas.

24 H Service Call/Email/Message!
Remote Technical Support & Professional After Service Engineers!
Knitting Machine & Parts Factory Shop - creativecounter.
Many Creative knitting machines & parts were sold
to America,Europe, Australia etc.

Special reinforced packing will be adopted for the electrified,magnetic,oil,liquid,
paste,sharp,fragile,overlength or overweight item to assure sending to anywhere safely.
For inquiry more than listed,please contact us directly.
If any problem occurs, please also contact us first (24 H Service) before open case
which effects the seller's account.We shall do our best to have it solved in time satisfactorily.
Please email us if need big files like video,manual book,pdf indications etc.

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