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Creative KH868 Standard Gauge Punch Card Knitting Machine with Lace Carriage

Creative KH868 Standard Gauge Punch Card Knitting Machine with Lace Carriage

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All New Creative KH868 Standard Gauge Punch Card Knitting Machine with Lace Carriage.

Newly made by us - the manufacturer,superior quality   !
Brief Intro: 
A standard gauge knitting machine same as Brother KH868 knits finer yarn like 4 and 3 ply fingering weight and sock yarn used by hand knitters. The knitting looks somewhat like commercially produced knitting. You can knit stockinet stitch and ribbed stitches when you include the ribber (Ribber KR850 is another item,optional). However, this knitting machine can also use a Punch Card to create knitting stitch patterns automatically. Place a punch card in the machine and activate it. Now you can automatically knit Thread lace, Tuck, Slip, Weaving, Fairisle and Single Motif Isolation and more stitches. There is a basic KH868 Knittng Machine Pattern card set included or you can make your own with an optional puncher PM3 and blank cards. Punch cards for this machine are 24 stitch-wide pattern repeats. Most 24-stitch punch cards available from other brands of knitting machines and are interchangeable with this machine. The standard gauge machine is a 4.5 mm needle pitch knitting machine. This means there are 4.5 mm - 5.6 Gauge between the needles. There are 200 eedles on the bed which will knit most sizes of garments. This is a very versitile knitting machine. It accepts any brother attachments for the KH868 knitting machine.

KH868 Main Bed Knitting Machine
Metal Bed
Manual Type
200 Stitches/Needles
4.5mm Standard Gauge
24 Stitch Punch Card
Fits Brother Artisan Creative Ribber KR850.

Knit Patterns:
Flat knitting, Tuck Stitch, Slip Stitch, Fair Isle, Partial Fair Isle, Embossed, lace, Tuck Stitch lace, Plating and Tuck

Stitch plating weaves.If with a Ribber KR850, it can knit ribbing weave in cuffs and collar, and single/double cradle and

ripples weaves.

Pure wool/fibre, wool and acrylic blended yarn, various wool and cotton threads,thin thread and medium thick thread, etc.

KH868 115×29×15cm (inner)
Net Weight:

Accessories Included (same as Brother KH868)  :

Needle Bed KH868
K Carriage KH868
Sinker Plate Complete Set KH868
Lace Carriage KH868
Yarn Tension Unit Brother
Cast-on Comb Assembly KH868
Extension Rail (L)(R) KH868
Punch Card Set 20PCS
Motif Knitting Cam (24 Needles)
Motif Knitting Cam (M)
Motif Knitting Cam (L) (R)
L-Point Cam for Needles
Table Clamp Main Bed
Claw Weight
Latch Tool 4.5mm
Transfer Tool 4.5mm
Needle Pusher 4.5mm
Plating Yarn Feeder Assembly KH868
Hand Brush
Special Knitting Machine Oil
Yarn Wax
Plastic Snap
Cast-on Thread
Plain Needle
Carriage Lock
Tapestry Needle
English Manual,etc....

The price of is for One set .

Special reinforced packing and can be sent to anywhere safely.

Shipping: By Express Mail & Airmail.

By EMS/UPS/TNT/FEDEX/DHL Express Mail (about 7~8 days to Countries/Areas incl.
Porland,Ukraine,New Zealand,Australia,Turkey,Israel,Saudi Arabia,Malaysia,Singapore,
Korea,Japan,Taiwan,Hongkong,Mexico,Sauth Africa,Brazil,Argentina,etc. ).
By Airmail (about 7~16 days to other Areas not in Express Mail List).

Accessories Optional :
Brother 4-Color Changer KRC900
Brother Intarsia Carriage KA8210
Brother Artisan Creative KR850 Ribber.

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