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Needle Pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm Knitting Machine Brother

Needle Pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm Knitting Machine Brother

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  • Parts No.:NEEDLE PUSHER 1/2-2/2 4.5MM 07303712/07292006
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  • Brand:Silver Reed Singer Empisal Knitmaster Studio Creative
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Goods Description


Needle Pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm Standard Gauge Knitting Machine

The Needle Pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm  fits all 4.5mm 5.6Gauge Standard Gauge Knitting machine Brother/Empisal/KnitKing/Silver Reed/Knitmaster/Singer/Toyota/Creative.

Brother/Empisal/KnitKing Model



KR810,KR830,KR838,KR850,KR900,CK35 and Brother Plastic Bed Knitting Machine  KH400(4.5 mm-5.6 gauge/9 mm-3 gauge ).

Silver reed/Knitmaster/Singer Model


SK328,SK329,SK360,SK550,SK560,SK580,SK600,SK670,SK700,SK740,SK840,JBZ/L245-2,Creative 245.


The needle selector (needle pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm)  helps to make needle selection easier on the  Brother/Empisal/KnitKing/Silver Reed/Knitmaster/Singer/Toyota/Creative all 4.5mm 5.6Gauge Standard Gauge knitting machine.

Condition: new,  unused, unopened, undamaged item 

Shipping:Air Postmail

The price of Needle Pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm  is for one piece.

Needle Pusher 1/2-2/2 4.5mm Part No.:  07303712  /  07292006 (Silver Reed)