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New RJ1 Birdseye Carriage for Silver Reed Singer SRP20 SRP50 SRP60 SRP60N SRJ70

New RJ1 Birdseye Carriage for Silver Reed Singer SRP20 SRP50 SRP60 SRP60N SRJ70

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New RJ1 Birdseye Carriage Assembly for Ribber SRP20 SRP50 SRP60 SRP60N SRJ70 of Silver Reed Singer Studio Knitmaster Empisal Artisan Creative Knitting Machine.

Very Rare to find!

The RJ1 Ribber Birds Eye Jacquard Carriage or RJ-1 Birdseye Carriage fits Silver Reed/Singer/Studio/Knitmaster/Empisal Punchcard and Electronic Standard Gauge Knitting Machine Ribbing Attachment SRP20 SRP50 SRP60 SRP60N SRJ70.It also fits Creative/Artisan 245  4.5mm Ribber.

This Ribber Jacquard Carriage RJ1 knits like a regular ribber carriage.It allows you to knit evenly both sides of the fabric in Double Jacquard or Multi Colored Jacquard stitches, making every alternate needle knit Slip Stitch on the ribber side.It also creates Bird's Eye striped backing with just a flip of 2 stitches. It creates Jacquard picture knitting with no floats.The fabric is remarkably soft and stretchy.


SRJ70 Ribber includes RJ1 Birdseye Jacquard Carriage to convert your machine into a 400 needle double bed machine is made for Silver Reed K280 SK840 4.5mm 5.6 gauge knitting machine models,also for older model SK210, SK700, SK740, SK500, SK580 of Singer, Silver Reed,Creative/Artisan 245,Studio or Knitmaster Empisal brands,not for the 3.6mm fine gauge knitters.
Long ago you could buy an SRP60N Ribber for basic ribber functions, then add the new RJ1 Birdseye Jacquard Carriage as a separate carriage to use your SRP20,SRP50,SRP60 or SRP60N Ribber as a SRJ70 Ribber.Original Ribber SRJ-70 includes the RJ1 Birdseye Jacquard Carriage which does not have all the ribbing features of SRP60N standard ribber carriages, but is a welcome addition to SK knitters who want to add the birdseye jacquard capability to regular ribbing capabilities. So you need both ribbers to do all ribber functions.

Part No.for the Ribber Birdseye Carriage is RJ1 or RJ-1 . 


Boxed and in Excellent Condition
With Instruction Book

The price is for One set.

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